Enviro-Disposal Group – The Leading Waste Removal Company in NY

Enviro-Disposal Group – The Leading Waste Removal Company in NY

Whether you’re struggling to dispose of your waste materials or want to get rid of contaminated soil, you need to hire a professional waste removal company like Enviro-Disposal Group who deliver exactly what they preach. The have been in the business for a very long time and have served tens of thousands of people in New York and New Jersey.

Enviro-Disposal Group – The Leading Waste Removal Company in NY

They have a very dedicated team who works jointly and actively to dispose of our unnecessary stuff with greatest accuracy. They specialize in carrying out soil removal projects. You can fully count on them for your waste disposal tasks. They take all the factors into consideration to bring you your desired results with quick turnaround. The pay special attention to the following factors: Location, Types of contamination, Contaminant concentration, Volume, Geophysical characteristics, Site history, Debris, Odor, Size, Moisture, and more.

Here’s what they say about their services;

‘’Enviro-Disposal Group is powered by a team of professionals led by twenty-five year industry expert, Richard Rivkin, who has managed more than 3,000 projects involving Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous contaminated soils, dredged sediments and other environmentally regulated materials.

When it comes to contaminated soil there is a science to selecting the best case disposal option from among the various landfills, recycling facilities and beneficial reuse facilities.  Well established as a leading provider, the staff of Enviro-Disposal Group will expertly guide you in navigating this process, through completion of your project, at job sites nationwide.’’

I have been hiring Enviro-Disposal Group for a very long time, and I personally like them due to their consistency and affordability. So, I feel no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of quality waste removal services.

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