Hidden Kitchen Trends

Hidden Kitchen Trends: Walk-In Pantries and Appliance Garages

Keeping everyday appliances hidden contributes to a clean, spacious appearance that wows guests. Kitchen remodeling in Atherton and other affluent areas often focuses on luxury features that take up large amounts of space while providing ample storage and functionality. Two increasingly popular trends that accomplish both goals are walk-in pantries and appliance garages. These hidden kitchen additions help create an uncluttered aesthetic while offering plenty of room for organization.

Hidden Kitchen Trends

Walk-In Pantries                                                     

One of the top hidden kitchen trends in recent years is the inclusion of walk-in pantries. As homes grow larger and kitchens become the hub for entertaining, there is an increased need for storage space. Walk-in pantries provide a dedicated area to neatly tuck away dry goods, appliances, serving ware, and more behind closed doors.

Unlike traditional cabinetry or butler’s pantries open to the kitchen, walk-in pantries allow for a much larger storage capacity without impeding the flow or style of the cooking space. They can range from spacious rooms to narrow galley spaces between studs. The defining feature is that the area is closed off from the main kitchen.

Walk-in pantries offer several benefits for luxury kitchen remodels:

  • Expanded storage space for food items, small kitchen appliances, cookware, and dishware
  • Design flexibility to customize organizational systems
  • Seamlessly hide mess and clutter from main living areas
  • Ability to control lighting and install functional elements like additional sinks
  • Highly desirable feature for modern luxury homes

For Atherton homeowners and others looking to maximize kitchen functionality, a walk-in pantry is an intelligent addition that adds spacious storage solutions.

Appliance Garages

Another hidden kitchen feature on the rise in high-end remodels is the appliance garage. As the name suggests, an appliance garage is a pull-out compartment or cabinet that stores small countertop appliances when not in use. Appliances can include blenders, stand mixers, toasters, coffee makers, and more.

The key advantage of appliance garages is their ability to conceal mess while keeping essentials easily accessible. Home chefs can quickly pull out their Vitamix to whip up a smoothie but then tuck it out of sight in seconds. This helps maintain clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic when entertaining or spending time in the luxury kitchen.

Common features of quality appliance garages include:

  • Custom cabinetry matching the overall kitchen design – High-end appliance garages integrate seamlessly into the aesthetic of luxury kitchens with doors and exteriors made from the same materials and finishes as the cabinetry. This creates a unified appearance.
  • Soft-close slides or lifts – Doors that close slowly and silently on smooth metal tracks give appliance garages an elegant functionality while preventing slamming and injuries.
  • Advanced hardware – Touch latches, motion sensors, and fingertip releases allow appliance garage doors to open automatically or instantaneously at the push of a button for convenience.
  • Electrical outlets and connectivity – Interior outlets and ports keep appliances powered on and charged so they’re ready for use anytime while stored out of sight.
  • Ventilation systems – Fans, louvers, and strategic air flow prevent overheating in the enclosed garage by circulating fresh air and expelling warm air.
  • Cooling systems – Small cooling units regulate temperatures inside the garage area so heat-sensitive appliances avoid damage during storage.
  • Custom organizational inserts – Fixed and adjustable shelves, racks, brackets and compartments organize appliances efficiently for each homeowner’s unique collection.

Appliance garages range from containing one large appliance to various compartments for multiple smaller gadgets. Their customized nature means they can accommodate virtually any type of appliance. They also prevent damaging counters or backsplashes by providing covered storage. For Atherton remodels and luxury kitchens nationwide, appliance garages satisfy the desire for high-functionality amid beautiful design. It also adds resale value since appliance garages are a distinguishing feature.