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How To Clean Shag Carpet with Dyson Vacuums?

Bringing for you and your family a delicious feeling of warmth is one of the main features of a rug. But that’s not the only advantage of having one (or a few) in your home. The rug is also an important decoration element that helps to organize the most open spaces especially: it gives personality to each room – and without interfering with integration. Imagine a white rug on a wooden floor?

Dyson Vacuums

However, to fulfill your role without harming any resident of the house you need to maintain a cleaning routine. Carpets, especially fur, gather dust, which is unhealthy especially for those with allergies. Mites, fungi and bacteria love to live among the soft hairs of the pieces.

For routine cleaning of shag carpets, which should be done at least once a week (but ideally two or three), just use a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping is not usually a good idea because the broom lifts the dirt but does not eliminate it.

The ideal is to use the equipment at medium speed and in the direction of the wires, so as not to damage them. Prefer a Dyson appliance with HEPA filter, which has high suction power and low noise, and prevents up to 99.9% of impurities from returning to the environment. Look for more Dyson Parts to meet different types of cleaning at home.

Heavy Fuzzy Carpet Cleaning

Tall, thick-fiber rugs, such as wool or cotton, or white rugs require deeper, heavier cleaning every six months to prevent them from spoiling or, in the case of light ones, turning yellow.

The first step is to vacuum it in a normal manner so that all waste is eliminated. Then wipe the stains with a little fabric softener on the stains, and with a soft bristle brush, rub lightly – always toward the strands.