Mold Remediation Tips for Homeowners

Mold Remediation Tips for Homeowners

Mold Remediation is a major decision. It may be necessary to obtain professional help or not, but there are some things you can do on your own to help start the process. These things will vary depending on what type of mold is present and how much.

Mold Remediation Tips for Homeowners

1) Don’t make matters worse

Do everything in your power not to spread mold spores that are already present any further across other surfaces. This, of course, implies that you know where the mold was growing. If it is spread across a large area or surfaces that are difficult to access, then it may be best to leave this job for professionals.

2) Tackle small areas

Small areas can be tackled by an individual, especially if little excavation is necessary for getting rid of it. If you are able to cut away moldy or damp material around the area, thoroughly clean it with water and disinfectant soap, then dry it completely. A professional contractor may be required if this process is too much for you to handle.

3) Shut off any water source

This should be done immediately if there has been flooding/leakage in the area being worked on. Mold spores have been known to spread throughout a house rapidly, so take extra precautions not to let this happen by turning off the source of the problem.

4) Be safe

Wear protective gear anytime mold is present. If it requires safety glasses, make sure you wear them with pride and also use gloves if possible. If the spores somehow get into your eyes, it could be very painful and may even cause damage.

5) Consider whether or not you need professional help

If you feel that doing the job yourself is just too much for you to handle, then by all means, call a contractor and let them deal with it. You can also decide to take on the job alone. In order to determine your comfort, either way you must research mold and how it is treated.