Bathroom Remodel

Shower or Bathtub: Making the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Remodel

Deciding between installing a shower or a bathtub for your bathroom remodel in Roswell can be quite challenging. This article provides expert guidance on the factors to consider. Let’s dive in!

Bathroom Remodel

Prioritizing Your Bathroom Needs

The first step involves understanding what you require from your bathroom. A shower might be perfect for a quicker, more efficient rinse. On the other hand, if luxurious soaks represent your ideal wind-down activity, then a bathtub becomes the logical choice.

Assessing Your Space & Layout

The size of your bathroom can also greatly influence your decision. A smaller space might accommodate a shower better, but with some clever remodeling strategies, you could fit in a bathtub, too.

Considering Resale Value

Bathrooms play a key role in home resale. Potential buyers often prefer homes with at least one bathtub. Therefore, if you plan to sell in the future, including a tub might be the smarter choice.

Durability & Maintenance

While bathtubs and showers have their own maintenance needs, showers might be more durable due to less risk of leaks. However, bathtubs, especially those made of high-quality materials, tend to last longer.

Following these guidelines should put you on the right path for your bathroom remodel in Roswell. However, if you’re still unsure whether your bathroom needs a significant overhaul, check out this blog on the signs that your bathroom needs a remodel.

Health Benefits

Choosing between a shower and a bathtub also has unique health benefits. Showers promote circulation and wake up your body, while bathtubs offer deep relaxation and stress relief.

Practicality vs. Luxury

Showers win hands down on practicality, using less water and offering quicker washes. Conversely, nothing quite beats the luxury of a deep soaking tub after a long day.

While showers and bathtubs have merits, remember that your bathroom remodel should cater to your lifestyle needs and personal preferences. From spa-like bathtubs to efficient walk-in showers, the choice ultimately lies with you!


Choosing between a shower and a bathtub for your bathroom remodel boils down to a balance of personal preference, space considerations, and potential resale value. By understanding these aspects, the right choice will seamlessly meld into your bathroom remodel in Roswell.

When renovating, your bathroom should enhance its aesthetic appeal and increase functionality and comfort. Whether you opt for a shower or bathtub, choose what makes your daily routine more enjoyable and satisfying.