Top 4 iRobot Roomba Robovacs For Your Home

Top 4 iRobot Roomba Robovacs For Your Home

Talk about modern robovacs and iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners will top the list anyday. One of the most trusted brands in the robovac sphere, the Roomba series has been able to carve out a broad niche in the market ever since its launch in 2002. Over time, the Roomba wing has released a bevy of robotic vacuum cleaners that have redefined the very concept of vacuum cleaning at homes and offices. Some of the most widely used Roomba models include irobot roomba 805, 880, 960 and so on. Are you too on plans to get a Roomba model for your place? Well, in that case you can find on this blog an in-depth comparison of different irobot roomba models like the 805 vs 880, 960 vs 650 and likewise.

The post below offers a brief on some of the top-rated Roomba robovacs you can check out for your home.

Top 4 iRobot Roomba Robovacs For Your Home

Roomba 805

The iRobot Roomba 805 comes in a cool round shape, featuring 2 wheels, brush on side as well as rolling extractors. You can schedule cleaning time on the device based on which the robovac will operate independently as per your specific cleaning schedules. You can change the cleaning schedule after every 7 days. 

The 805 is an extremely powerful robovac which comes equipped with premier AeroForce filter which can filter out filtration of at least 99 percent allergens, pollens as well as minute particles that can be as tiny as, say 10 microns. It is equipped with patented 3-stage clean-up technology which helps it to assure high-efficient and thorough cleaning.

Then, the 805 is packed by a powerful 1,800 mAh Li-ion battery pack which enables it to operate for full 1 hour and cover around 1,000 sq. ft. area on one single charge. 

The sensors are certainly one of the most important aspects of Roomba 805. There are navigation sensors that enable the robovac to move with ease on different kinds of flooring surfaces and even get way out of tricky corners. Next, you have drop sensors which prevent risks of falling from stairs. The robovac also comes with touch sensor that alerts the 805 if there is any obstacle close-by. Besides, you also have pressure sensors which allows the Roomba to gauge whether an obstacle is solid or passable after making a contact.

Roomba 880

A relatively newer model compared to the 805, the 880 is slightly smaller and sleeker compared to its predecessor. Thanks to its smaller size, the unit can easily glide under your furniture or bed for a thorough cleaning underneath. Then, the 880 is backed with the same advanced high-efficiency cleaning and filtration mechanism as you find with the 805 model. 

The 880 is able to clean up to three rooms at one go. Mention must be made of the Virtual Wall Lighthouse Devices here which supports the Roomba robovac with guided cleaning service for up till 3 three rooms. The Virtual Wall setup enables you to separate the rooms the rooms that you wish to be cleaned and the ones that you do not.

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Unlike the 805 which works with Li-ion LIB batteries, this one (880) uses special batteries. Besides, the 800 is comparatively quieter during operation.

Roomba 650

This is a popular yet older model compared to the Roomba 805 but both share a number of major similarities.

For example, just like the 805, the 650 too comes with advanced 3-stage cleaning mechanism that assures thorough cleaning and high-end filtration. Then, it also has sensors that allow it to navigate smoothly various floor surfaces and stay away from off-limit areas to avoid risks of accidents. 

Again, the 650 model comes with scheduled cleaning facility. Once you set a cleaning schedule for 7 days, the Roomba will march to clean your rooms independently as per the set time intervals and then get back to its base once the cleaning is complete. 

However, the 650 might show tad more chaotic navigation in comparison to the 805 model. 

Roomba 960

The 960 model is one of the latest launches from the Roomba series. As a result, it comes with a set of more advanced features that you won’t find in its predecessors. For example, the 960 assures Wi-Fi compatibility that you won’t get with 805 or 650. The 960 model can be operated by virtual assistants too, added to mobile apps.

It should be noted here the model comes with dual multi-surface unique rubber brushes which make it especially equipped to handle pet hair.