What is Sustainable Architecture? And What are Its Advantages?

A lot is said about this topic, but after all, what is sustainable architecture?

However, first it is necessary to understand the concept of sustainability itself, which is a tripod formed by three elements; economic, environmental and social.


What is sustainable architecture?

So, consequently, sustainable architecture is one that:

  • Seeks to minimize environmental impacts, being ecologically correct,
  • Promotes social and cultural development,
  • In addition to being economically viable.

The principles of sustainable architecture and are confused with the principles of good architecture; analyze the surroundings, climatic conditions and meet the user’s needs, respecting the environment.

In a remarkable roofing & construction, energy and water efficiency are very important, to achieve it you can use the same passive techniques of good old architecture, such as natural lighting and ventilation.

But in addition, the use of new technologies that optimize the building can also be added, such as the use of solar energy, innovative sustainable materials, automation systems, and the internet of things, among others.

The health and well-being of users, the life cycle of the building and materials must also be taken into account; including quality and durability.

In addition to social factors, such as the working and health conditions of employees involved in the work.

Advantages of Sustainable Architecture:

1- Preservation of the environment

This is the most talked about advantage when we talk about sustainable constructions. The civil construction sector is one of the main responsible for environmental impacts in the world. 

2- It’s more socially fair

When we talk about sustainable architecture, most people only associate it with caring for the environment, but in fact there is no sustainability if there is no social justice.

3- Brings greater well-being

Everyone knows that sustainable buildings are supposed to be eco-friendly, but what you may not know is that they also offer a multitude of health benefits.