Water Filter

Why Do We Need to Use Water Filter Systems?

Water can have minerals, dirt, impurities and other chemicals that make it taste and smell bad. Some of these impurities or chemicals can pose a threat to your health, especially when they’re comprised of bacteria and microscopic organisms that can lead to serious health conditions. Filtering water can really go a long way toward purifying water and improving its taste.

There’re a number of water filter systems available in the market. All you need is to pick the best one meeting your criteria. You can choose between salt free water softener systems or Filtersmart hard water filters, depending on your preferences.

Water Filter

Here’s what water filter system does;

Lowers Chlorine

Most municipal water companies employ chlorine to treat water, thanks to it being inexpensive and highly effective at eliminating bacteria in water. It can also kill some viruses. Although it’s an effective disinfectant, chlorine can cause unpleasant taste and smell, and can also react with other metals to develop hazardous compounds. A carbon filter can help remove chlorine from water, improving its taste and smell.

Removes dangerous lead

Lead is dangerous when ingested. So, it’s crucial to eliminate it from drinking water. Lead usually comes in contact with drinking water when it enters the water supply from worn-out plumbing pipes or the solder used to connect them together. Lead can be eliminated from the drinking water though water filter systems. They are designed to remove the metal from water.

Eliminates pathogens

Filtering water is crucial to keep toxic parasites and bacteria from drinking water. The microscopic parasite called ‘’Giardia Intenstinalis’’ can be ingested from the drinking water and causes serious health conditions such as diarrhea.

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